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-Im a promoter, bartender and night owl.
-Freelance hair & makeup artist
-Acting and singing are my thing.
-Music is in my soul.♥
-A trance, dubstep and house head!
-Above & Beyond is Love
-EDM Family for life! PLUR♥
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-The Darling Buds are awesome!
-Bookworm and Anime lover
-Obsession Cassandra Clare books
-Fantasy, Si-Fi, Mystery books
-Im kind of a nerd..Multi Nerd.. ;)
-In Cali, lets be friends(hmu)

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Happy birthday Wenzo! I wish i was able to visit you today but i won’t be able to till the weekend. Ugh I miss you more and more each day Wenzo. It’s still so hard to believe your gone, sometimes I refuse to believe it. I want to wake up from this dream and see my friend there with a big smile on your face and saying “Hey Moo.” I would give anything just to hear you say it, I wish for that all the time. I’m glad I got to have you in my life as the amazing friend you were, you will forever remain in my heart. I love you Wenzo, see ya soon.💙👼 #happybirthdaywenzo #happybirthday #iloveyou #imissyou #foreverinmyheart #RIPLorenzo #RIPLorenzoAguilar

#aboveandbeyond #a&b #sun&moon #sun #moon

Oh boo thang😻😻😻😻
#meow #jcb #jamie #jamiebower #jamiecampbellbower #deliciousjamie #deliciousmilk #boothang #thedarlingbuds #tour

So today is my babies 17th birthday. I’ve know this little girl since she was little and I wish she would stop growing and be little again. She’s just not my baby, friend, “boyfriend”, “lover”, cousin, she’s my little sister. I’ll love this little girl to the fullest, she’s a piece of my heart.
Happy Birthday Titi💜💙💛💙💜 @jellyfishlover15 
#littlesister #baby #pieceofmyheart


Loving my look today. 💛💋🌻🌼✌️

Oh his smile.😍😘
@Jamiebower #boothang #jcb #jamiebower #jamiecampbellbower

This book..such a beautiful story.❤️😢
#ifistay #gayleforman #beautiful

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